Cliff Tanner Setiawan is a graphic designer from Indonesia who developed a passion for graphic design through his collection of album covers from CDs and sneakers. With experience across various industries including retail, digital agencies, food and beverages, branding, apparel, and music.

Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Graphic Design at Kingston School of Art, he is driven by a thirst for knowledge, experiences and skills. He strives to make a meaningful impact through his work.

︎ @cliff.t.s

a graphic designer from Jakarta, Indonesia, currently studying and living in London.

︎ @cliff.t.s
Bake It With Betty - Logo, Title Card & Catchphrases

Betty Who, born Jessica Anne Newham, is an Australian-born singer, songwriter, and performer celebrated for her infectious pop anthems and charismatic stage presence.

In this project, I was briefed to create an animated logotype, title card, and animated catchphrases for Betty Who’s Baking Show on YouTube called 'Bake It With Betty.' The aesthetic direction given by her is a fusion of 50s-60s Vintage American cooking show style with Betty Who's tatted, edgy vibe.

∙ Logotype
∙ Title Card
∙ Catchphrases Design

∙ Graphic Designer
∙ Motion Graphic Designer